Shadetree Nursery Event – Non-Event Saturday – Open to 10 volunteers – October 12, 2019

Shadetree now has staff who work on every Saturday on our “non-event” Saturdays from 9 a.m. up to 12 noon. We are looking for a total of 10 enthusiastic high school, college students, or adults to volunteers to work with them. So if you or a small group is interested in working, please email Steve Reed and he will let you know availability on your specified date at steve_reed58@yahoo.com,     Before attending an event, you will also need to fill out aRelease of Liability & Indemnity Agreement and a map to direct you to the nursery. 


Animated Car Clip Art - Cliparts.co   NEW PARKING NEWSYou are now able to park in the nursery so if the gate is not open just ring the bell at the entrance gate, and  Steve will open the gate for you to park into the facility.   Click at the following link for directions:  Shadetree Directions for non-event Saturdays