Who We Are

Shadetree Partnership Inc. is non profit (501 (c) (3) volunteer-based organization that promotes more livable communities through the planting and stewardship of shade trees and other nursery stock.  Shadetree operates a 5 ½ acre nursery located on the campus of the University of California, Irvine where over 4,000 trees and shrubs/groundcover are currently growing.  It is at that location that enthusiastic volunteers grow, care for and nurture trees, shrubs and groundcover for planting on public lands including schools, parks, churches, and cities.  Since its formation in 1990, Shadetree has planted more than 26,500 trees and groundcover at various sites within the community. Many Orange County schools, colleges, community groups, non-profits and businesses have participated in Shadetree planting events.

who-we-are-2Shadetree has partnered with 70+ Eagle Scout candidates to design, construct and complete their Eagle Scout Leadership projects.  We also have opportunities community service hours for volunteers at monthly nursery events as well as programs for additional involvement with our Adopt-A-Row, docent, and community service programs.




Shadetree Partnership Board of Directors

Mary Aileen Matheis, President of Shadetree Partnership Board of Directors (Member, Board of Directors, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Matt Rayl, Vice President of Shadetree Partnership (Owner at Serrano Creek Ranch)
Thomas Bonkowski, Treasurer/General Manager of Shadetree Partnership (Energy Analyst, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Leslie Bonkowski, Secretaryof Shadetree Partnership Board of Directors (District Secretary, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Paul Cook (General Manager, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Kay Phillies (Consultant)
Jenny Roney (Director of Human Resources, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Ian Swift (Natural Resources Manager, Irvine Ranch Water District)
Claire Collins, Shadetree Partnership Legal Counsel (Lewis Brisbois & Smith LLP)

Shadetree Partnership’s Ambassador

Helena Czochanski